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The Illuminated Kaddish

Interpretations of the Mourner's Prayer

By Hyla Shifra Bolsta

The Illuminated Kaddish:
Interpretations of the Mourner's Prayer
Hyla Shifra Bolsta
The Illuminated Kaddish breathes new life into the Kaddish, the Jewish prayer of mourning, universally recognized, loved and recited all over the world. It is a contemporary illuminated manuscript, the artist/author's personal interpretation (or midrash) expressed in poetic text and lavish artwork. The book explores the prayer's profound ideas and opens new horizons on the themes of gratitude and paying tribute to life.
The Illuminated Kaddish is a modern meditation that offers a treasured opportunity to slow down and open the gates to reflection, understanding and contemplation. Its familiar cadence comforts mourners who feel an attachment to it, as if it were in their genes, without understanding the wisdom of its words. The book benefits mourners, family and friends, who look for solace and inspiration at this poignant time. It will continue to comfort and uplift spirits.
The Illuminated Kaddish is not only for mourners. For readers who want to understand the Kaddish in the context of centuries-old Jewish tradition, this book revitalizes its meaning and relevance to contemporary thought.
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~Review by Nathan Rosen, Library Research Manager, Dechert LLP, New York
"This is a stunning coffee table book on a topic that normally people might not think to display. It is a truly enchanting and strikingly beautiful illustrated manuscript of the Kaddish with much more. The book includes the traditional text of the Kaddish along with a transliteration. The author collects a number of alternative translations along with other types of interpretative "translations". One section provides notes describing the meaning behind the words and the illuminations. Another section is a collection of quotes from the Torah and from scholars together with their own breathtaking illuminations. Bolsta includes interesting egalitarian comments on the use of the masculine or feminine names of God and notes about the word "Amen." Additionally the book incorporates some
history on the tradition of saying the Kaddish and a Glossary of key terms and notes when the Kaddish is recited. This unique book would be a valuable addition to any library's collection regarding death and mourning, as well as art collections. As it is both beautiful and inspirational, individuals who have a personal interest in this topic might consider adding it to their collection. The book could also serve as a thoughtful gift to someone who has experienced a loss." (Posted on 8/31/2016)
~Review by Lawrence Kushner, Emanu-El Scholar-in-Residence at Congregation Emanu-El of San Francisco and author of I'm God; You're Not, Kab
"Not everyone can be healed by words alone. For many, imagery is the return to life. Bolsta has given us a visual midrash on probably the most widely recited and least understood prayer in Jewish liturgy. Even if you have not lost a loved one, these words and especially these images help reorient your own spiritual inner-compass."
(Posted on 8/31/2016)

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