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The Ayeka Shabbat: Hearing Your Own Voice

A Guide for Personalizing Your Shabbat

By Aryeh Ben David

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“Can Shabbat conversations impact my life?”
The Torah invites us to meet someone we desperately want to meet, but who remains just out of reach. Who is this person? Ourselves – upgraded. Deep personal conversation on Shabbat is the perfectopportunity to meet a better version of ourselves.
The original edition of Around the Shabbat Table offered questionsto stimulate meaningful conversations. In this new edition, a fourthquestion has been added, aimed at bringing the ideas of the weekly portion into our lives and inviting our personal and spiritual growth.

Lech Lecha: What do you think is the next step on your journey?
Toledot: Who in your family do you need to ask for forgiveness?
Tzav: What part of your Jewish identity has lost its fire?
Metzora: Who in your community do you think may be lonely?
Kedoshim: Who is the most loving person you know? What can you learn from
this person?
Bamidbar: If you were given five minutes to talk to the Jewish People, what would
you say?
Devarim: What wisdom did you receive from your grandparents? What do you
hope your grandchildren will receive from you?

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Additional Info

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