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Rabbinic Authority Vol.3

Volume 3: The Vision and the Reality, Beit Din Decisions in English - Halakhic Divorce and the Agunah

By A. Yehuda Warburg

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In the third volume of his groundbreaking series on rabbinic authority in English, Rabbi Warburg discusses the ramifications of a Jewish divorce. In this well-composed monograph, Rabbi Warburg primarily focuses on the case of the modern day agunah, a wife who is unable to get divorced due to her husband’s recalcitrance. He addresses the various techniques, such as obligating the giving of a get (Jewish divorce document), finding relief for an agunah who signed an exploitative agreement, and listing different avenues to void a marriage (bitul kiddushin) used by the rabbinical court. This issue is of some controversy in the Jewish community, and there is heated debate about it.

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Additional Info

ISBN 978-9655242515
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