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The Queen & The Spymaster

A Novel Based on the Story of Esther

By Sandra E. Rapoport

She was queen of all Persia, beautiful and mysterious. In a royal court rife with intrigue, she was also the ultimate coup for a spymaster: she was perfectly placed to influence the most powerful king in the ancient Near East. Only when her people faced certain genocide was the Bible's highest-placed sleeper agent activated.

In The Queen & The Spymaster, a novel based on the story of Esther, award-winning author and scholar Sandra E. Rapoport, inspired by midrashic legends, hews to the ancient text while imagining the suspenseful, gripping and ultimately triumphant backstory of the unlikely heroes of Xerxes' Persia.

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~Review by AJL Reviews, Chava Pinchuck, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel
While Megillat Esther tells the basic story of Purim, Rapoport delves deeply into every aspect. From the ties between the Jews who were exiled when the Babylonians conquered Israel, to Daniel and his friends, to the politics of the time, each facet is explored and explained. After an assassination attempt, Xerxes starts to get paranoid, which is the perfect opportunity for Haman to step in and gain power. Soon Mordechai is on his bad side, and lots are drawn to determine that the thirteenth day of Adar is the auspicious date on which to kill all the Jews of the Empire. But Mordechai and his network go to work and soon realize his ward Hadassah, now Queen Esther of Persia, is the key to the Jews’ salvation. Using the skills she learned in Mordechai’s home, she is able to expose Haman and see to his demise. Mordechai is soon promoted, and together they plan the reversal which will occur on the 13th of Adar -- the Jews will decimate their enemies. With both planning and luck, the Jews are successful.
Esther gives birth to the heir to the throne, and when Xerxes is assassinated, she and Mordechai marry.
The author, a practicing attorney and author of several other biblically-related books, has obviously done extensive research, and the background is useful and puts the Purim story in historical context. But the story often gets mired in the excruciatingly detailed descriptions of things like Esther’s preparation for her time with the king and Haman’s lottery method. This makes the book read more like non-fiction narrative than a novel. While the planning and execution of the routing of the Jews’ enemies is fully drawn out, the customs that are observed to this day are summarized rather quickly. Those who enjoy biblical fiction will enjoy the trip through history; those who don’t will take a pass and reread the original on Purim. (Posted on 3/27/2019)

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