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  • Mini Torah: The Five Books of Moses in Scroll Form (5 pack)

    Sol Scharfstein

    2018 edition

    The first column of each Parasha of the Torah in Hebrew with English translation with color illustrations in a scroll form.

    Also available is a special discount for orders over 100 units 


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  • Goldberg Passover Haggadah (Box of 50)

    Nathan Goldberg

    The definitive and most recognizable Haggadah in English. This has become the standard for most synagogues, schools, and homes.
    Rabbi Nathan Goldberg's Passover Haggadah comes with an accessible English translation, clear instructions, and numbered lines so everyone can follow along in Hebrew or in English.
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  • Oxford Dictionary

    Ya'acov Levy

    This Hebrew-English English Hebrew dictionary contains 80,000 entries, 18,00 idioms and expressions and notes on English Grammar and other useful appendixes. It is is intended for users of contemporary Hebrew, especially university students, high school pupils and English speaking learners of Hebrew who wish to consult a small, but comprehensive up-to-date dictionary. Hebrew Speakers seeking to enlarge their active English vocabulary will also benefit from this dictionary. The rich selection of words, idioms and collocations is drawn from both spoken and written sources. Learn More
  • The Beard in Jewish Law

    Rabbi Moshe Wiener

    (English and Hebrew Edition)

    Growing a beard has a revered place in Jewish tradition. But is it a halachic necessity? As long as one does not shave with a razor, does Jewish law permit one to remove facial hair?

    Pages and pages have been written on this subject over the course of the generations. In the spirit of our Rabbis saying: Bring a text and we will see, we have chosen to present a classic work of Torah scholarship, a responsum authored by R. Chayim Elazar Spira, the distinguished head of the Rabbinic court and the Rebbe of Munkatch, that collects and analyzes the different halachic positions concerning this issue. The comprehensive annotations and the free-flowing translation enable a reader to examine the issues point by point and arrive at conclusions independently, rather than have them thrust upon him.

    Supplemented by excerpts from the writings of the Chafetz Chayim and a collection of halachic rulings and quotes from contemporary Rabbinic greats from Lithuanian, Chassidic, and Sephardic traditions, this work opens a reader to a wide spectrum of views concerning this halachic issue. 

    The translator, Rabbi Eliyahu Touger, is renown for his translations of Rambam's Mishneh Torah, the commentary of the Baal HaTurim on the Torah, the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch and many other Jewish books of law and thought.

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  • Hebrew Notebooks Machberet (24 Pack)

    These 36-page high quality Hebrew notebooks are sold in packs of 24. Dimensions: 6.5’ wide 8.1’ high Learn More
  • Angel Among Men

    Simcha Raz

    The brilliance of Rav Avraham Yitzchak Hakohen Kook zt''l and the depth of his knowledge were simply otherworldly; his devotion to God was supernal; and his character traits were heavenly. At the same time, however - and perhaps more important - he was an exemplary human being. Although he strove for personal, spiritual perfection, he was more concerned with helping others come closer to God. He was constantly involved in the affairs of his people, doing everything in his power to ease their pain, raise their pride, and pave the way for their ultimate redemption in their ancestral land. The stories, anecdotes, and ideas found in this book reveal but a fraction of the light that radiated from this celestial human being, this angel among men. Learn More
  • The Passover Seder

    Arthur Gilbert

    An abbreviated Haggadah including all the major elements of the Seder service with transliterations of the major prayers and color illustrations.

    2018 printing includes new colorful cover design, thick glossy pages and better print quality.

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  • Jewish Ideas in Morality and Religion

    Rabbi Dr. Sol Roth

    Rabbi Dr. Sol Roth in his academic career applied the analytic method in his teaching of philosophy at Yeshiva University and in books he wrote. His goal was to bring greater clarification of Jewish concepts to his students and readers by rigorous use of logical methods to assure validity of arguments and by contrasting religious and moral notions with corresponding ideas of other cultures. The use of identical terms to describe fundamental cultural concepts that are radically different in meaning generates confusion even among those intellectually advanced. This work contributes to understanding by delineating critical differences in their meanings and yields arresting insights into the Jewish concepts of freedom, rights, equality, justice, wisdom, faith, belief and other basic ideas in the domains of morality and religion.

    About Rabbi Roth

    Rabbi Dr. Sol Roth was ordained by the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary of Yeshiva University. He received the Ph. D degree in philosophy from Columbia University, and served as adjunct Professor of Philosophy and the Samson Raphael Hirsch Professor of Torah and Derech Eretz at Yeshiva University. He is the author of several books on Jewish thought.  Among them are: Science and Religion, The Jewish Idea of Community, Halakha and Politics: The Jewish Idea of a State, The Jewish Idea of Culture, The Jewish Idea of Ethics and Morality.

    Rabbi Roth was the Rabbi of Fifth Avenue Synagogue in New York City for eighteen years and is currently its Rabbi Emeritus.

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  • The Just Still Lives by His Faith

    Eliyahu Munk

    1 Review(s)

    ''The majority of these articles deal with subjects which may trouble the thinking believer, and perhaps even more so the person who has not yet come to terms with belief in the Torah and its interpreters, the carriers of our sacred tradition. This is why I have chosen the above quotation from Habakkuk as the title of this book.'' ~ From the foreword by Eliyahu Munk


    • The Book of Jonah as an Indictment of the Jewish People
    • Discrepancies Between Chronicles and the Book of Kings
    • Are There Really 613 Biblical Commandments?
    • On the Who, When, and How, of Prayer
    • Solar and Lunar Eclipses and Their Impact on Society
    • Leviathan in the Bible, the Talmud, and in Our Liturgy
    • Amalek, Then and Now
    • Yiftach and His Daughter
    • A Strange הלכה – Mayim shelanu
    • On the Phenomenon of the Scapegoat for Azazel
    • Reflections on G-d’s Impartiality and the concept of זכות אבות
    • Prophets Who Misunderstood the Visions Granted Them
    • Lip- service in Lieu of Animal- sacrifice?
    • How Does the Bible Relate to the Death Wish of a Person?
    • Imperfections in Nature
    • Judaism and Collective Punishment
    • Does G-d Favour Democracy as a Form of Government?
    • Yaakov – Yisrael
    • Contradictions in the Laws About Vows
    • Is There a Limit to G-d’s Power?
    • Does a Prophet Forfeit His בחירה?
    • In Defence of Nadav and Avihu
    • Why Were Jacob’s Remains Embalmed?
    • Reflections on the Appointments of Successors by Our Leaders of Old
    • Dilemmas Inherent in Acceding to Popular Demands
    • Hair (Human and Animal) as Viewed by the Bible, the Talmud (Halachah) and Aggadah
    • Ruth as the Ideal Convert
    • Son or Daughter – Whom Do You Prefer (Is Preferable in the eyes of G-d)?
    • Discretion Versus Transparency
    • Are the Jewish People Lovable?
    • Examination of Marit Ayin Related Legislation in the Shulchan Aruch
    • Non- observance of the Challah Legislation as a Cause of Death during Childbirth
    • Parshat Balak: The Evil Eye
    • קדוש השם – אמונה – והשואה
    • From Metaphysics to Physics
    • The Torah’s Major U- turn
    • God’s “Racism” Versus His “Impartiality”
    • Why Two תוכחות?
    • Michal Daughter of King Saul and Wife of King David
    • Cloning – the Ultimate Form of Idolatry
    • Why Does Man Shun G-d? Is G-d Frustrated with Man?
    • Hereditary Elitism?
    • A Nation in the Making
    • Torah Versus Time
    • Two Toras, Why?
    • Extra Dimension
    • Chidushei Torah

    About the Author

    Mr. Eliyahu Munk was born in Frankfurt on Main, where he received his education at the Samson Refael Hirsch Realschule, as well as at the Yeshivah headed by Rabbi Dr. Joseph Breuer, ZT''L.

    After emigrating to England, he continued his studies at the Yeshivah in Gateshead.

    He served in Jewish education, primarily in Toronto, Canada for close to 30 years, before making aliyah to Israel in 1978. During his years in Canada he also pursued a business career while teaching. Since settling in Jerusalem, Mr. Munk has been busy translating numerous classical Torah commentaries into English. Publication of the Torah commentary by Samuel David Luzzatto (Sha'dal), brings the number of authors whose works Mr. Munk has translated to 14, comprising 53 volumes totaling over 23,000 pages.

    It is this editor's hope that the volume submitted herewith will be as enthusiastically received by his ever increasing circle of readers as have his earlier efforts.

    Also translated and annotated by Eliyahu Munk:

    Torah Commentary by Samuel David Luzzatto (4 volumes)
    Torah Commentary by Rabbi Bachya ben Asher (7 volumes)
    Haketav Vehakabbalah by Rabbi Tzevi Mecklenburg (7 volumes)
    Or Hachayim by Rabbi Chaim ben Attar (5 volumes)
    Tzror Hamor Torah Commentary by Rabbi Avraham Saba (5 volumes)
    Mikraot Gedolot, Hachut Hameshulash, Rabbeinu Chananel, Rash bam, R dak, Rabbi Ovadiah Seforno, (4 volumes)
    Tur on the Torah by Rabbi Yaakov ben Rabbeinu Asher (4 volumes)
    Shney Luchot Habrit by Rabbi I. Horowitz (3 volumes)
    Midrash of Rabbi Moshe Alshich (3 volumes)
    Kedushat Levi, Torah commentary by Rabbi Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev, plus many anecdotes about him, (3 volumes)
    Akeydat Yitzchak by Rabbi Yitzchak Arama (2 volumes)
    Chizkuni Torah Commentary by Rabbi Chizkiyahu Ben Rabbi Manoach (4 volumes) 

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  • The Queen & The Spymaster

    Sandra E. Rapoport

    1 Review(s)

    She was queen of all Persia, beautiful and mysterious. In a royal court rife with intrigue, she was also the ultimate coup for a spymaster: she was perfectly placed to influence the most powerful king in the ancient Near East. Only when her people faced certain genocide was the Bible's highest-placed sleeper agent activated.

    In The Queen & The Spymaster, a novel based on the story of Esther, award-winning author and scholar Sandra E. Rapoport, inspired by midrashic legends, hews to the ancient text while imagining the suspenseful, gripping and ultimately triumphant backstory of the unlikely heroes of Xerxes' Persia.

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