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The Azrieli Papers

Volume 2

By David J. Schnall and Moshe Sokolow

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Laya Salomon: The Decision to Teach: Why Orthodox Jewish Day School Teachers Chose the Profession

Elie Tuchman: The Influence of Formative Pre-Service Experiences on the Teacher Self-Efficacy of Jewish Day School Teachers

Steven Eisenberg: Spiritual and Religious Mentoring: The Role of Rabbis and Teachers as Social Supporters amongst Jewish Modern Orthodox High School Graduates Spending a Year of Study in Israel

Malka Lanner: Contributing Factors to Teacher Satisfaction for Jewish Day School Educators

The Learners

Martin Schloss: Traditional Jewish Insights into Mental Retardation and their Educational Implications.

Chana Tannenbaum: Gender Differences in the Perceived Religious Influence of Yeshiva High School Programs.

Shira Weiss: The Spiritual Development of Modern Orthodox High School Girls

Karen Kuessous: Eating Attitudes, Behaviors, and Body Image of Orthodox Jewish Girls in Grades 3-8.

Ilana Turetsky: Empowering Bystanders to Intervene in Bullying Situations.

The Subject Matter

Tani Foger: Is Early Childhood Too Early For Hebrew? The Effects of Partial Hebrew Language Immersion in Pre-School on English and Hebrew Reading Skills in First Grade.

Estelle Harris: Awareness in Reading; Hebrew Day School Students' Metacognitive Knowledge of Hebrew Reading Strategies in Humash.

The Milieus

Judy Sokolow: Civic Engagement as an Outcome of Jewish Modern Orthodox Middle School Community Service/Service-Learning Programs

Harry Bloom: The Relationship between Board of Directors Practices and Jewish Day School Financial and Educational Performance Based on Research among Jewish Day School Board Presidents>

Goldie Eichorn Grossman: The Importance of Parental Involvement on Behalf of Included Students with Learning Disabilities: The Perceptions of Yeshiva Day School Teachers

Jeffrey Rothman: A Descriptive Study of the Role of the Assistant Principal in the Jewish Day School.

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