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  • Jewish History and You

    Volume 1

    Sol Scharfstein

    Comprehensive and factual history of the Jewish people. 40 historical units covering the formative periods of Jewish history from the Patiararchal Period to the Expulsion from Spain. Learn More
  • Understanding Jewish History-2

    Volume 2
  • From Ur to Eternity

    Volume 2

    Barbara Engel, Diane Hochstadt and Norman Fischer

    At last, a focused Jewish history text book that is a good read
    Why is this Jewish history text book different from all others?
    FOCUS: Teachers will be able to teach Jewish history while pursuing two very definite themes: A) The Covenant that the Jewish people made with God and the responsibilities involved; B) What has enabled the Jewish people to survive their 4000 year history? Each chapter supports these themes and allows the teacher to maintain a clear teaching objective. Teachers will no longer be asking, "Why am I teaching this?" and students won't be asking "Why am I learning this?"
    FACTS: The facts are all here on a level that can relate to students in the 5th through 8th grades.
    FUN: This book has all the elements of an exciting adventure story. Can you imagine a textbook for kids that is a real page turner? Students will read each chapter wanting to know what happens next. As the adventures unfold, they will meet real people, kings and queens, heroes and villains. They will journey to distant places such as Babylonia, Persia, Greece, Rome, Spain, England, Russia, America and, of course, Israel. While they are engrossed in the story, they will be constantly reminded of their connection to God and the ability of their people to survive.
    At last, a focused Jewish history textbook that is a good read!

    Takes students from biblical times to the ghettos and shtetlach of Europe, to America and finally home again to Israel
    Includes such events as the exodus from Egypt, the construction and destruction of the Temples, the Diaspora, the Golden Age of Spain, life during the Middle Ages of Europe, the Enlightenment, the growing presence in America, the horrors of the holocaust, and the founding of the State of Israel
    Discusses the development of the synagogue, prayer, and Talmud, as well as the formation of Reform, Conservative and Orthodox Judaism
    Includes an overview of the development of Christianity and Islam, and an explanation of the terms Ashkenazim and Sephardim.
    Follows Abraham's covenant with God and the responsibilities involved
    Emphasizes the Jewish ability to survive throughout the ages

    Special Features:
    A summary at the end of each chapter to help students recall significant people and events before moving on to the next episode
    A Did you know section relating something from the past to a student's present-day experience
    A Think about discussion question for students to ponder after reading each chapter
    A Let's do something student directed activity
    Maps, charts, and illustrations for visual stimulation
    Section, unit and chapter divisions for organized teaching
    "Cliff hangers" to peak a student's curiosity


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  • Jewish History and You

    Volume 2

    Sol Scharfstein

    Comprehensive and factual history of the Jewish people. 40 historical units covering the formative periods of Jewish history from the Renaissance to the 21st Century. Learn More
  • Exploring Jewish History

    Shirley Stern

    Temporarily out of stock
  • Four Thousand Years of Jewish History

    Jack Lefcourt

    Four Thousand Years of Jewish History: Then and Now is a book about time, events, change, adaptation, and survival. Its purpose: to introduce to readers of all ages perhaps new to the subject, the extraordinary journey of the Jewish people across forty centuries of cultural, societal, and religious history. With full-color illustrations, maps, diagrams, and text, Four Thousand Years of Jewish History: Then and Now chronicles the broad themes and developments of Jewish history, and offers a close-up account of the struggles, sorrows, and triumphs of the Jewish experience.



    For those looking to become literate in Jewish history this is an absorbing introductory overview. This book is appropriate for youth beginning at age 11, although many adults may benefit from the expanse of information provided.


    The story of one of the world's oldest religions is folded into an overview of world history. Influential in at least two other great religions, Christianity and Islam, Judaism and its people have also been affected by the events and evolving beliefs and perceptions of numerous leaders throughout the past. Lefcourt offers a sound introduction with a combination of cartoon drawings broken into several panels on each page against pale blue backdrops with an easy-to-read, flowing text to relate the world's historical highlights in short-story-style segments. General facts, important dates, people, events, maps, a timeline and puzzles are woven into the long Jewish history with yellow highlighted passages to point out specific episodes, consequences, incidents and even outcomes related to the Jewish people. From the Ten Commandments to the Fall of the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, Europe's Renaissance, the beginnings of Zionism, the Holocaust, American Judaism and modern Israel to the unknown future, this volume leaves readers with an understanding that the past is an important reminder for Jews, who will always move forward with hope and determination. (Nonfiction. 10-13)

    Using a broad brush, Jack Lefcourt ably covers four thousands years of Jewish history in just over one hundred pages! He does this in Four Thousand Years of Jewish History: Then and Now, an engaging text that details the key moments, ideas, and themes of Jewish history and culture. The information is presented primarily in chronological order, starting with Abraham and the answer to the question, " When did it all begin..." and takes the read up to the modern day. Along the way, the text is enhanced by a combination of lively illustrations, photographs, and maps, as well as handful of extras including two crossword puzzles and a timeline activity where you get to fill in a timeline chart. Answers to these activities are provided.

    While readers of all ages will be entranced by this book, it is definitely geared toward younger readers. To that end, it is written in a semi-comic book format. By this I mean that the information is broken up into boxes. In most cases, there are three 'informational' boxes per page along with related illustrations, although some pages have more boxes. Within these boxes, Lefcourt details intriguing tidbits of Jewish history, explores major themes, provides brief biographies of major figures in Jewish history, or provides a quote relevant to the topic under discussion.

    Some of the topics covered in this lively book included Jewish history from Moses to Saul, the importance of the Written Law, the development of the Talmud, the Fall of the Roman Empire, the various periods of the middle ages, the beginnings of Zionism, American Judaism, the Holocaust, and the Modern State of Israel. Lefcourt also provides an interesting section looking at where the ten lost tribes might have gone, and the legacy they might have left behind in lands as far flung as Japan, how in the modern day Jews can be found in almost every land in the world, and how our ancient traditions help to bind all Jews together, no matter where they live, what language they speak, or what they look like.

    Four Thousand Years of Jewish History: Then and Now is a fun book to read that can be used as a read-out-loud book for pre-readers and as a history textbook for younger students. It is also a perfect read-alone book for grade-schoolers who are interested in learning about Jewish history, and in discovering the various cultural, religious, and historical struggles and triumphs that have helped to shape Jewish history. This book will also introduce them to some of the key personalities that have contributed to the totality of the Jewish experience.
    This book will make an ideal gift for inquisitive youngsters, and for reluctant readers who will be attracted to the book due to its vibrant illustrations and bite-sized text portions. Well illustrated and filled with a lively and engaging text, Four Thousand Years of Jewish History: Then and Now will make an exemplary addition to any public or private library.
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  • Understanding Jewish History-1

    Volume 1
  • Understanding Jewish History-2 TG

    Volume 2
  • The Essential Jewish Stories

    Seymour Rossel

    More than 300 stories selected from every period of Jewish history and from every Jewish teaching tradition, including narratives, anecdotes, metaphors, analogies, folktales, and fantasies. Every story is elegantly retold to emphasize its relevance for our times.
    The Essential Jewish Stories is arranged thematically for easy access. It includes three indices that make it easy to find just the right story, whether you are looking by occasion (holy days or life observances), by personality (people who told them or people the stories are about), or by values.
    Sources are provided for every narrative and many are accompanied by special notes on their meaning, their origins, or their comparative place in world mythology.
    Read The Essential Jewish Stories from cover to cover and enjoy the teachings of the sages through the ages; or open it to seek just the story you want for just the moment you need it.
    The Essential Jewish Stories is perfect for clergy of all faiths, for teachers, for storytellers, and for parents -- for all who wish to initiate discussions of tradition and values with children, friends, and community -- and certainly for those of us who simply love to share a good story.

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  • Defending the Faith

    Ronald Isaacs

    Disputations between Jews and non Jews were frequent in ancient and medieval times. Religious differences have at all times induced serious-minded people to exchange their views in order to win opponents over to their side by appeals to reason. The Talmudic-Midrashic literature contains many examples of disputations between Jews and adherents of various religions. Disputations and trials have continued to the present time.
    This exciting new volume by Rabbi Ron Isaacs will present some of the famous disputations throughout the centuries, allowing students and opportunity to role play and debate the issues in a classroom setting. Learn More

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