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Shaarei Nechama: Machzor LeRosh HaShanah

Machzor LeRosh HaShanah Im Peirusha Shel Nechama Leibowitz

Edited by Yitshak Reiner Advisor: Bryna Jocheved Levy

Shaarei Nechama
Rosh Hashana Machzor With Commentary of Professor Nechama Leibowitz

Hebrew Only

Nechama Leibowitz was the most prominent, creative, and ground breaking teacher of Bible and Biblical interpretation of her time. She taught and continues to inspire thousands. In Machzor Shaarei Nechama, we have collected from her wellsprings of Torah, drawn from her writings. You will find them organized under the rubrics: "Gates of Prayer," "Gates of Torah" and "Gates of Repentance." Enter and experience the new vistas and wondrous insights of Nechama Leibowitz, which will inform and illuminate the high holidays. 

Rabbi Yitshak Reiner, a resident of Jerusalem, veteran Torah educator, and disciple and colleague of the late Nechama Leibowitz has devoted years to intense investigation of her study sheets on the weekly Torah readings (gilyonot). These efforts resulted in the publication of Hagadat Nechama (Hebrew/English/French and Spanish), Moadei Nechama (Hebrew), and the present Shaarei Nechama (Hebrew), a Rosh Hashana Machzor (prayer book) dealing with the concept of repentance (teshuva), the major theme of the High Holiday Days. In the past, Rabbi Reiner has served as principal of the Tachkemoni Jewish Day School in Antwerp, Belgium and as the director of the Jewish Agency's Department of Seminars and In-service Education for Diaspora Jewish educators. In following Nechama's pedagogical methodology, Rabbi Reiner challenges the readers/students to recognize the ostensible problem in the text and to evaluate the suggested answers. The readers/students are thus also introduced to the tradition of classical biblical commentary. The Machzor will certainly serve as an inspiration to the worshipper during the Rosh Hashana holiday and throughout the remainder of the year. 

Dr. Bryna Jocheved Levy, a student of Prof. Nechama Leibowitz, is a leader in the movement for women's Torah studies. She holds degrees from Barnard College, McGill University and the first doctorate in Biblical Studies awarded to a woman at Yeshiva University. Dr. Levy is the founder of the Bible Department at Matan: Women's Institute for Torah Studies in Jerusalem, and the Rector of the Joan and Shael Bellows Eshkolot Graduate Program in Bible and Jewish Education at Matan and Hebrew University. Dr. Levy is the mother of six and lives in Jerusalem. 

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~Review by Rabbi Mordechai Spiegelman
"There is good news in the offing for the thousands who attended the in-depth Torah lessons of the late Nechama Leibowitz in the study of Tanach. Her study sheets (gilyanot) are still widely used today throughout the Jewish world. Yitshak Reiner, a long time student and colleague of Nechama, spent a number of productive years assembling the teachings of Nechama's questions and answers and has now produced a Machzor for Rosh Hashana entitled 'Shaarei Nechama' which features a concentration on the Mitzvah of Teshuva (repentance).
It is typically Nechama at her best providing information and challenge. As one student wrote 'Nechama did for the written law what Rav Soloveitchik achieved for the oral law.' The Machzor, 'Shaarei Nechama' for Rosh Hashana, is published by Urim Publications with the Eliner Library. Tzvi Mauer, Publisher at Urim, announced that the publication date will be in September and can be purchased throughout stores in Israel or via their website, including for orders outside of Israel. Initially, this Machzor will be available only in nusach Sefard for Rosh Hashana and in a Hebrew only edition.
Truly this happy and historic event invokes the Talmudic statement (Yevamot 97a) that when a late scholar's words are recited by the living, the scholar's lips move in the grave. With this Machzor, Nechama Leibowitz remains a powerful blessing for the living." (Posted on 9/4/2017)

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