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Chumash / Tanakh

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  • The Meshech Chochmah

    Eliyahu Munk

    Editor, Mr. Eliyahu Munk was born in Frankfurt on Main, where he received his education at the Samson Refael Hirsch Realschule, as well as at the Yeshivah headed by Rabbi Dr. Joseph Breuer, zt''l.
    After emigrating to England, he continued his studies at the Yeshivah in Gateshead.
    He served in Jewish education, primarily in Toronto, Canada for close to 30 years, before making aliyah to Israel in 1978. During his years in Canada he also pursued a business career while teaching. Since settling in Jerusalem, Mr. Munk has been busy translating numerous classical Torah commentaries into English.
    Publication of the Torah commentary by Samuel David Luzzatto (Sha'dal), brings the number of authors whose works Mr. Munk has translated to 18, comprising 54 volumes totaling over 27,000 pages.
    It is this editor's hope that the volume submitted herewith will be as enthusiastically received by his ever increasing circle of readers as have his earlier efforts.

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  • Reading the Torah

    Heinrich W. Guggenheimer

    This book is written for the modern Jewish reader conversant with the text of the Pentateuch and Rashi’s commentary, exploring text and meaning using modern linguistic and historical tools to understand the Torah as a uniform composition by Moses, the Lawgiver. The origin of the book are weekly commentaries to the Torah readings in the Sephardic (originally Moroccan) Minyan of Congregation Anshe Shalom in West Hempstead NY. The encouragement of the rabbinic listeners for the ideas of a nonprofessional Jewish student was most welcome. This book was written on the request of a Yeshiva-educated grandson to see the weekly Notes turned into a book, showing points of view of which he never heard in the Yeshiva.

    About the Author

    Heinrich W. Guggenheimer is a German born (1924), Swiss educated, American mathematician, since 1989 Professor Emeritus of Polytechnic University (today Polytechnic Institute of New York University.) He received his advanced Jewish education at the Bet Midrash of Basel, Switzerland. After retirement following a successful career as research scientist, he turned his interests to Jewish subjects, writing with his wife Eva nee Horovics, “Jewish Family Names, an etymological dictionary” (1992, 2 nd ed. 2017; German version 1996), and as sole author “The Scholar’s Haggadah” (1995), “Seder Olam, the rabbinic view of Biblical chronology” (1998), a seventeen volume edition, translation, and commentary of the Jerusalem Talmud (2000-2014), and “The Songs of Psalms” (2017).

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  • Mishley-Proverbs with the Jerusalem Commentary

    Yehuda Gil and Mordechai Zer-Kavod

    Mossad HaRav Kook's Da'at Mikra commentary, translated into English with the Jerusalem Commentary, gives readers an important new angle on the book of Mishlei (Proverbs). 

    The Jerusalem Commentary is the unique English commentary of the Da'at Mikra series.

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  • Tanakh, an Owner's Manual

    Moshe Sokolow

    2 Review(s)

    Tanakh, an Owner’s Manual offers both a modern and Orthodox approach to the historical and literary frameworks within which the Hebrew Bible should be learned and appreciated. It covers the authorship of its 24 constituent books, their designation as sacred literature (canonization), the development of the Masoretic text, a survey of classic medieval and modern commentaries, the interaction of traditional exegesis and modern Biblical scholarship, and a gradual curriculum for developing Biblical literacy and comprehension. It reflects the author’s insights as they developed over 40 years of studying and teaching, and will be of interest to teachers, students, and anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the Hebrew Bible.

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  • Torah and Commentary: The Five Books of Moses

    Sol Scharfstein

    • Nominated for the 2009 Jewish Book Award by the Jewish Book Council
    • Nominated for the Sophie Brody Medal, by the American Library Association "to the author of the most distinguished contribution to Jewish literature published in the United States" 

    In Jewish practice, the first five books of the Bible, referred to as the Torah, are divided into 54 weekly portions. The central element of the Sabbath service in the synagogue is the public chanting of the appropriate Torah portion for the week. Torah and Commentary: The Five Books of Moses by Sol Scharfstein is a new, highly readable translation of the Torah, Judaism's most sacred text, and is accompanied by interpretations of over 2,000 biblical passages. The interpretations are by classical and contemporary rabbinic commentators, and the translation and commentaries are presented in easy-to-read language. The commentaries cover religious practices, history, theology, laws, customs, and ethical concepts. The volume is beautifully illustrated in color and provides background material about the Torah's place in Judaism, and the various ritual practices related to the Torah and Sabbath services. Also included and illustrated in color are biographical sketches of the most highly regarded biblical commentators, such as Rashi, Maimonides, and others. Sol Scharfstein's own comments relate to the contemporary message of the biblical passages. Torah and Commentary introduces individuals of all faiths to an encounter with the Jewish understanding of the Bible, the spiritual foundation shared in common by all the great monotheistic faiths.

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  • Reading the Sacred Text

    Aaron Lichtenstein

    Understanding the sacred text has been a wonderful yet elusive challenge through the ages. This book is a reading of the Bible, accessible to readers of all backgrounds and levels of familiarity with the biblical text. In contrast to previous works on the subject, Reading the Sacred Text focuses on the true meaning of the biblical text rather than the metaphorical or mystical interpretations. It retells, in a captivating and easy-to-follow narrative, the story of the Five Books of Moses, the first books of the Bible. Learn More
  • Genesis

    Benno Jacob

    Ernest I. Jacob and Walter Jacob

    Interpreted by Benno Jacob. His commentary abridged, edited and translated. Learn More

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