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  • Roni Akarah

    Rabbi Yaakov Hillel

    Why are some couples childless while others are blessed with children? What can a childless couple do to merit children? What is the Torah perspective on childlessness?

    These questions are not new; they date back to the time of our forefathers. Our Sages and later Rabbinic sources discuss these painful issues, providing insight, guidance, and practical advice. Rabbi Yaakov Hillel, Rosh Yeshivah of Ahavat Shalom in Jerusalem and the author of many works in Halachah and Kabbalah, presents and explains the teachings of our Sages and great Torah authorities, along with Halachic guidelines relevant to the childless. He brings these couples hope and encouragement, while helping them come to grips with the possibility that the prayers of some may remain unanswered. A comprehensive anthology of prayers and Torah verses is included for the benefit of both childless and expectant couples.

    About the Author

    The Gaon and Kabbalist Rabbi Yaakov Hillel, shlita, great-grandson of Hacham Moshe Hillel, who served as Av Beit Din and chief Rabbi of Baghdad in the time of the Ben Ish Hai, is one of the outstanding Sephardic rasei yeshivot today. He is the author of many books on Halachah and Kabbalah, and rabbis and laymen throughout the world turn to him for advice and instruction. He stands at the helm of the highly acclaimed institutions of Ahavat Shalom, which he founded in Jerusalem in 5732 (1972).

    Ahavat Shalom is one of the world's largest midrashim and it includes an exclusive branch for the training of rabbinical judges and a select group of scholars engaged in the study of Kabbalah. The Rabbinical Court of Ahavat Shalom sits in judgment every day to resolve litigation in monetary matters. Its publishing house has, to date, printed 355 rare and valuable manuscripts of Sephardic sages.

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  • Simply Delicious: Classic Kosher Cooking

    Sara Finkel

    When it comes to cooking, there's a lot we want. We want easy, foolproof recipes we can whip up in a hurry. We want to serve healthy food that will nourish our families. We want delicious dishes that will become family favorites. Sara Finkel's latest cookbook, 'Classic Kosher Cooking: Simply Delicious' delivers it all.

    Using easy techniques, basic equipment, and ingredients you're bound to have in your kitchen, Sara Finkel helps you create mouthwatering meals in a hurry. An expert cook, she combines decades of practical experience with vast culinary knowledge to create a tantalizing collection of classic and contemporary recipes.

    Here's a taste of what's inside:

    • Delicious dishes for Shabbos, every day, & holidays
    • Over 300 tried-and-tested recipes
    • Excellent and elegant holiday menus
    • Invaluable section on microwave cooking
    • Expert articles on nutrition and tradition
    • Helpful tips and handy hints

    Sara Finkel's first cookbook, 'Classic Kosher Cooking', has been a bestseller and all-time favorite in Jewish homes throughout the world. This wonderful collection of new recipes offers the same ease of preparation and spectacular results that made her first book famous. Whether you're a novice cook looking for good recipes that never fail, or an accomplished chef seeking fresh ideas, you'll find 'Classic Kosher Cooking: Simply Delicious' a virtual treasure trove.

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  • Talking About Intimacy and Sexuality

    Yocheved Debow

    This book helps parents meet the challenge and engage in a scientifically factual, accurate, honest and helpful conversation about intimacy and sexuality. It is rooted in the belief that we foster a commitment by engaging our children in thoughtful dialogue, sharing with them our values on these topics. Although written from an Orthodox perspective, there is much in the volume that is relevant for all parents. Anyone interested in imparting values and knowledge regarding intimacy and sexuality will find much useful information as well as many thought provoking suggestions for educating their children in these areas.

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  • Freiing Out

    Binyamin Tanny

    Do you want to know why people abandon their Judaism?
    Binyamin did, as he watched friends and siblings go "off the derech," certain he would soon follow. While the people around him cast blame on parents, teachers, rabbis, the system, hypocrisy in the community and so on, Binyamin wanted to know the real reason, or at least a solution -- and the solution was not blame. What he discovered shocked him. After years of fighting his way through multiple religious systems, much soul searching, and speaking with hundreds of parents, educators and youth around the world, he is sharing his discoveries.
    Freiing Out examines the six types of people at risk, eleven key factors that may contribute to going off the derech and eight techniques that can be utilized to prevent people from leaving their Judaism. As Jewish education is crucial in keeping alignment with observance, this book aims to identify what good Jewish education is, how to find balance between Jewish and secular education, and how it all relates to home and school life.
    This is not the kind of book to read and say, "interesting research." It is firsthand experience and a wealth of inside information that will move parents and educators to take action and prevent more Jewish children from losing their connection to Judaism.

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  • Ocean’s Apart

    Rochel Berman

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    Oceans Apart will help you understand and enhance your long distance family relationships. In this book you will discover how to:

    • Maintain close, loving ties with family members who live far away
    • Plan a successful visit
    • Keep in touch between visits
    • Set aside meaningful one-on-one time with individual family members
    • Manage tension and conflict from afar and during a visit
    • Cope with illness and death at a distance
    • Maintain ties with grandchildren
    • Bridge the gap between you and your long-distance siblings, nieces and nephews
    • Deal with cultural and language differences
    • Use technology effectively to stay in close touch.

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  • One Baby Step at a Time

    Chana (Jenny) Weisberg

    A collection of eye-opening personal essays, inspirational readings, and refreshingly honest interviews that will uplift, validate, and provide practical suggestions to improve the life of every Jewish mother. In this sequel to her critically-acclaimed book Expecting Miracles, author Chana (Jenny) Weisberg describes seven ancient Jewish secrets that have enabled Jewish women throughout the millennia to infuse their mothering lives with more happiness, fulfillment, and spirituality.


    About the Author

    Chana (Jenny) Weisberg is the author of Expecting Miracles: Finding Meaning and Spirituality in Pregnancy through Judaism (Urim). She is the creator of the popular website,, and her widely-read articles on parenting and Judaism have appeared on,, and in The Jewish Press.

    Originally from Baltimore, she lives with her husband and five children in Jerusalem. 

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