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Comparative Religion

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  • Contested Holiness

    Rivka Gonen

    The issue of sovereignty over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, revered by Jews, Muslims, and Christians epitomizes the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The book aims to familiarize the general reader with the complex nature of this unique site, its long history, the present state of affairs, and the various proposals made in recent years to resolve the conflict. Learn More
  • Disputation and Dialogue

    An anthology of documents relating to the two thousand year history of the encounter between Judaism and Christianity. The 5 units: 1. Verus Israel 2. Messiah and Christ 3. Law and Grace 4. Scepter of Judah 5. Impasse, Coexistence, Dialogue Learn More
  • Choosing to Be Jewish

    Marc D. Angel

    Rabbi Marc Angel, a prominent Orthodox rabbi, has written a groundbreaking book about conversion to Judaism. Each year, thousands of people seek to convert to Judaism; many of them plan to marry a Jewish spouse. In this provocative book, Rabbi Angel proposes that the Orthodox Jewish community re-evaluate its negative approach to conversion, and embrace a positive, encouraging attitude to serious candidates for conversion. Dealing with halakhic, historic and sociological issues, Rabbi Angel argues that the Orthodox community has a special responsibility to provide a meaningful and accessible route to conversion. The book includes essays by eleven converts of various religious and racial origins, who found their ways to Judaism and the Jewish people under the guidance of Orthodox rabbis. This book offers a challenging and refreshing perspective, enabling readers to think through the issues of conversion in a thoughtful and responsible way.
    About the Author
    Rabbi Marc Angel is senior rabbi at Shearith Israel Congregation, the historic Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, and is the author of a number of books, among them Voices in Exile: A Study in Sephardic Intellectual History and Seeking Good, Speaking Peace. Learn More
  • Jews and Mormons


    "A fascinating trip through all the questions you never dared ask about what your Jewish and Mormon neighbors believe and why. Two men, a Rabbi and a Mormon High Priest, trace their beliefs from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to Solomon's Temple and on to the modern synagogues and the Mormon Temples. A quick read for a person of any belief but a must read for Jews and Mormons alike."
    -Admiral Paul A. Yost, Jr., Former Commandant USCG
    "Anyone interested in learning the background of the similarities and differences of Judaism and Mormonism should read this book. Both religions have a rich history and both make a significient contribution to the societies in which they advise. It is useful to know how they relate to each other."
    -Robert F. Bennet, U.S. Senator (Utah)
    "The Jews and the Mormons are two religious communities, one ancient and the other a relatively modern phenomenon that inevitably intersect. They use much of the same ancient religious literature but understand it quite differently, which, all too often, leads to misunderstanding and even suspicion. The book is a valuable contribution toward dialogue and mutual respect between these very different communities which have enriched America."
    -Rabbi Simeon J. Maslin, Former President
    Central Conference of America Rabbis
    "In this book, a rabbi and a Mormon high priest lay out a doctrinal smorgasbord. It's a spiritual feast, served out of alternative Jewish and Mormon kitchens.This is must reading for anyone who is curious about who we are, how we got here and where we go next."
    -Jack Anderson
    "members of both religious groups will broaden their horizons by reading this book. Recommended."
    -Library Journal
    Learn More
  • Finding the God of Noah

    J. David Davis

    Praise for Finding the Gold of Noah
    A congregation of Southern Baptists, smack in the middle of the Bible Belt, decided to remove the steeple from their Emmanuel Baptists Church, having decided the pointed steeple was a pagan fertility symbols and thus inappropriate to be atop a house of worship. They also removed the words "Baptist" and "Church" from the sign out front, quit celebrating Christmas, and scrapped the Wednesday evening prayer service. They then invited an Orthodox rabbi to instruct them in Jewish thought and religious practices. Finding The God Of Noah: The Spiritual Journey Of A Baptist Minister From Christianity to the Laws Of Noah clearly explains the circumstances that led to this unusual religious movement in Athens, Tennessee, and the events that followed. Finding The God Of Noah relates the problems and triumphs of this local group of Noahides with both their neighbors and the world. In the last six years, David Davis' congregation is now the largest Noahide group in the United States. Davis has become one of the principle advocates for a growing number of non-Jews who follow the Jewish Laws applicable to Gentiles, as interpreted by Jewish teaching. Finding The God Of Noah is a fascinating story of the search for truth -- and the price extracting for adhering to principle.
    ~ Midwest Book Review Learn More
  • Understanding Your Neighbor’s Faith

    Philip Lazowski

    The brainchild of Rabbi Philip Lazowski of Hartford, Connecticut. The idea was born several years back after he invited a group of non-Jewish clergymen to visit the Holy Land with him. Priests, ministers and some members of their congregations who wanted a better understanding of Israel and Judaism enthusiastically accepted his gesture of good will. Rabbi Lazowski's unique perspective as a Holocaust survivor made him ideally poised to teach others about the historical and philosophical context of Judaism as well as its rich tradition of practice. Rabbi Lazowski also learned much from his colleagues of other faith traditions, developing an awareness and sensitivity of the religions that see themselves as inheritors of Judaism.
    This unprecedented volume gives Rabbi Lazowski and the other clergy the opportunity to explicate their religion, using their own language and concepts in responding to the questions of people of goodwill outside their faith. Difficult, even uncomfortable, questions are asked"and answered. No question is too simple or too complex. Every chapter, each by an author belonging to a different Christian faith tradition, will prove as informative to the co-religionist as to the outsider. The concise, straightforward question-and-answer style allows the book to be studied in full, read casually, or consulted for reference.
    Anyone who seeks a better understanding of modern Western culture and its antecedents will applaud this collection, as will anyone who simply wants to know what his neighbor, friend, co-worker, or fellow citizen believes. Learn More
  • Orthodox Forum # 20

    The Relationship of Orthodox Jews with Jews of Other Religious Ideologies and Non-Believing Jews

    Adam Mintz

    In the past two decades, formal denominational relationships organizationally in Jewish life have declined and yet the interaction between Orthodox Jews and non-Orthodox Jews on personal and family levels and in the work place has never been greater.

    While there is no dramatic statistical increase in Orthodox affiliation, there is documented evidence that Orthodoxy today is a growing movement with a young, knowledgeable and observant constituency. A critical question for Orthodoxy today is whether it will see itself as a sectarian movement or one that eagerly embraces concerns facing the Jewish people as a whole.

    Despite an increase in the rate of intermarriage among American Jews, there is a current trend towards increased Jewish identification as expressed in the religious, cultural and political arenas within the framework of the Jewish community. It is for this reason that The Orthodox Forum has chosen to analyze these notable changes taking place in both the Orthodox and non-Orthodox community.

    As the phenomenon of engagement Jewishly by the non-Orthodox has been welcomed in most circles, it has created a special challenge for the Orthodox community. How is the Orthodox community to maintain its strict commitment to the ritual and theological foundations of Judaism while at the same time recognizing the actions of these groups and individuals who, while rejecting many religious norms, have chosen to join the Jewish community in serious and substantive ways?

    This volume offers a wide range of historical, theological, Halakhic, educational and communal perspectives on the challenges and considerations faced by those who endeavor to build bridges with believing and non-believing Jews in our community, while steadfastly maintaining their sacred commitments.

    Learn More
  • Children of Abraham


    Rabbi Firestone presents in his volume Judaism with a Muslim sensibility in mind, and thus establishes unprecedented intimacy between Jewish and Muslim consciousness and worldviews. Learn More
  • Becoming Jewish a Handbook for Conversion

    Ronald Isaacs

    Answers questions converts fequently ask - How do I begin? Will conversion affect my relationships? How do I make a Jewish home? Provides insights into the choices surrounding the conversion process, options and challenges. Learn More
  • Reform Judaism

    Charles A. Kroloff

    This little volume has been designed as a gift for the guests at your forthcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration. Many of your guests may not be familiar with the various aspects of Reform Judaism and the specific elements of the prayer and Torah service. Reform Judaism gives the background information so that the guests will appreciate the nuances of the service and Reform Judaism. It has been designed so that you can personalize the cover with your special message and will make a perfect memento.

    The book may be distributed at wedding receptions as a gift to the guests from the bride and groom. The couple's name and wedding date may be imprinted. Birkat HaMazon would then be available if the couple desires.

    It is also a charming gift for college students or Jews by Choice.

    Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff Rabbi, is Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Emanu-El of Westfield, NJ where he served for 36 years. He is a former President of the CCAR. This is his third book.


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